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Out of Time by HeroofTime123
Out of Time
The obligatory Halloween picture is yet another Majora's Mask scene. This time I went for something with a little darker feeling to it. You know, the scene where the Moon crashes and destroys Termina. I used the Moon model from Hyrule Warriors, the Skull Kid Assist Trophy model from Smash Bros WiiU, Young Link from Melee, and Tatl/Kokiri Sword/Hero's Shield from the original game; I pulled stuff from everywhere. I added (a poorly made) Stone Tower on the right and (an equally poorly made) Woodfall on the left to try and add some interest to the background. As for Photoshop, I really didn't do much there aside from the usual. 
The Isle of Ruins by HeroofTime123
The Isle of Ruins
For this scene, I really wanted to do something with moonlight reflecting off water. From there, I added an island and used the Castle Ruins set that I used in this scene, rearranged the pieces and placed it on the island. I added torches to create some light, and who knows, maybe this island hasn't just been forgotten over time... ;)

Anyway, as for the Photoshop editing in this one, it wasn't too much. The biggest one was really the waves created by the boat since I couldn't/didn't add those in Bryce. I also adjusted the lighting and colors as always. Anyway, I'm really happy with how this scene turned out. It's almost exactly what I had in mind for it.
Your True Face by HeroofTime123
Your True Face
This is essentially a test render for the Fierce Deity Link model I got, which can be found here. I really was just messing around with poses and such in Poser. I essentially tried to put him in his standard pose. From there, I messed around with rendering it until I got the idea to do something more with it. I put it into Photoshop, added the quote (yes I know, it's probably very overused) and added the mask silhouettes. Overall, I like how this turned out.
The Winter Wars by HeroofTime123
The Winter Wars
This is the title screen graphic I made for a game I'm making. I made most of it in Bryce, but the frost, sword and of course the words are done in Photoshop. I know I haven' posted in a while so I figured I'd post this.
A Blustery Boomerang by HeroofTime123
A Blustery Boomerang
This scene came to be in an odd way. I was trying to think of a pose to use for another scene and when I made one, I couldn't get it to work how I wanted. So my thought process was to make another scene for that pose. That's not even the weird part. I ended up not figuring out anything to do for that pose in the new scene either but I liked it so I didn't want to just scrap it. I then made a new pose to go into it and added some features to fit that pose in. So in the end, I did nothing that I intended to do but I liked the end result better that what I was trying to do with my original idea.

So yeah, I got some stuff from Brawl to go along with the Link model. Namely the Gale Boomerang and some effects like the wind and such which can be found here along with many more models. As I said, this was not the original intention for what I wanted to make but I really like this. The design of the temple is obviously very much based on the Twilight Princess Forest Temple. the door was a bit tricky to get to look right and making it look like the sunlight blocked by leaves was a fortunate accident. Otherwise, nothing really too crazy went into making this. There wasn't even much Photoshop work. All I did there was add the targeting markers.

Also, yeah. That title is REALLY bad... No, I disagree! 
So as I said before in my last journal which you can find here, a few friends and I made a game. As I also said, I made a lot of music for the game. I recently uploaded the music to youtube in a playlist that you can find here I would appreciate any feedback I can get the music or the game.

Thank you!


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