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The Ancient Castle by HeroofTime123
The Ancient Castle
Link visits the remains of an ancient Hylian Castle. Or maybe this is Hyrule Castle after Ganondorf took it over. Let's just leave that open to interpretation. Anyway, this scene was actually a rather quick one that I managed to get done in a couple hours, well not including the Photoshop work. Speaking of which, the flag was completely added in Photoshop because I decided to add it after I rendered the castle scene. I tried to make it look as believable as possible. As for the castle scene, that was a set of models that I downloaded from DAZ 3D called Castle Ruins. I take no credit for the creation of that, I simply arranged it all. Lastly, I would like to point out that, while it may be hard to see here. I used the Brawl model of Link (downloaded from…) so it is better quality that the Twilight Princess model I had previously been using. Anyway, that's it.
First Christmas in  Hyrule by HeroofTime123
First Christmas in Hyrule
I can't believe how long it took to make this! It took over 17 hours to render and that was over multiple tries because it kept closing out so it actually took a lot longer. In the end though, I'm really pleased with this. It's a simple scene of Link and Zelda walking in the snow, which I'm assuming would be a new thing to them since it probably wouldn't snow above the clouds. I added effects like Depth of Field to help the characters fit in to the scene better as well as True Ambience to lighten the shadows. I added the snow and fixed the colors a bit in Photoshop and over course added the text. I really wish I had done more scenes over the school year but with all the work I had for other stuff (as well as a lot of new games) kept me really busy. Anyway, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Zelda's Sunroom by HeroofTime123
Zelda's Sunroom
This is the scene that I said I was going to make with the pose for Zelda in my previous scene. I really liked the pose for her and I just didn't feel that the last scene showed her well. In this one, I tried to make it look like she was in a room in the castle, I called it a sunroom in the title cause it has big windows to let lots of light in, but the tile floor looks more like it belongs in a ballroom. The rug and tapestries I've used before in other scenes, but the tapestries have been modified to fit over a pole now and have wrinkles and folds to make them look more like fabric and less like cardboard. I really liked the lighting in this, even though I had to force it to be this way with basically having a very faint light source that created the light that should be made when the light reflects off the ground. (Bryce "can" do that, but it requires Premium render effects which for me would probably take a whole day if not longer to render) In the end, the lighting turned out nicely to me. I didn't do to much in Photoshop for this one, except increasing contrast and saturation.
Out in the Fields by HeroofTime123
Out in the Fields
To start, the title is extremely lame... No, I disagree! 

But anyway, on to stuff about the actual scene. So basically it's based off this picture here:… and Hyrule field is based heavily off Ocarina of Time. so anyway I wanted to do something with a single tree being on a hill out in a field. Stuff happened and I messed around with other stuff resulting in Zelda characters getting thrown in (this is basically a regular thing for me now...) and this happened. This scene has actually been a work in progress for quite a while, probably longer than it should have been and definitely longer than I would have liked. Regardless, I have obviously managed to finish it or you wouldn't be here.

I originally tried to make it look like Link told a joke and Zelda was laughing. Since I can't/don't know how to open their mouths, I kept trying to make it look like Zelda was covering her mouth and giggling. However, that only made her look like she was holding her nose cause Link had bad breath or something... So I just mad it look like she was happily listening to whatever the otherwise silent protagonist had to say. I personally really like the poses, especially Zelda's but because of the lighting and the distance, it's hard to see here. I intend to make another scene with this pose of Zelda very soon.
Conquer Yourself by HeroofTime123
Conquer Yourself
This is something I've wanted to do for a long time, but I never got around to it as I had started working on other, bigger scenes. This is definitely not a difficult scene to make and (due to some Poser problems No, I disagree! ) I even used the same Dark Link pose that I have used before. Regardless, I think it still looks good enough for public display.

So anyway, technical stuff. To remove Dark Link,  I basically just did two versions of this scene; one with Dark Link and one without. Then I just place the bottom half of the version without him on top of the other one and that's about it. I also enhanced the colors and added a blur to bring the focus to Dark Link. Photoshop is so useful.


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