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A Blustery Boomerang by HeroofTime123
A Blustery Boomerang
This scene came to be in an odd way. I was trying to think of a pose to use for another scene and when I made one, I couldn't get it to work how I wanted. So my thought process was to make another scene for that pose. That's not even the weird part. I ended up not figuring out anything to do for that pose in the new scene either but I liked it so I didn't want to just scrap it. I then made a new pose to go into it and added some features to fit that pose in. So in the end, I did nothing that I intended to do but I liked the end result better that what I was trying to do with my original idea.

So yeah, I got some stuff from Brawl to go along with the Link model. Namely the Gale Boomerang and some effects like the wind and such which can be found here along with many more models. As I said, this was not the original intention for what I wanted to make but I really like this. The design of the temple is obviously very much based on the Twilight Princess Forest Temple. the door was a bit tricky to get to look right and making it look like the sunlight blocked by leaves was a fortunate accident. Otherwise, nothing really too crazy went into making this. There wasn't even much Photoshop work. All I did there was add the targeting markers.

Also, yeah. That title is REALLY bad... No, I disagree! 
Ganon's Spooky Tower by HeroofTime123
Ganon's Spooky Tower
I was messing around with some of the Replicate feature's settings in Bryce and found it's a great way to make certain objects very quickly. Take a spiral staircase, for example. Just make a cube and resize it appropriately, then replicate it a bunch of times (while setting it to move up and rotate around a set point) and there you have it! From there, I just made a simple tower around the staircase and made a fitting sky. The hardest part of this was trying to get the lighting to look right. I originally set the scene up to be much darker but after looking at it on some other screens, I realized how difficult it was to see anything, even Link. So I brightened it up a lot. I also made the Poe generate a bit of light to not only brighten up some of the shadows but also to create a contrasting light color that would give the scene a more "spooky" look.

Also, I could totally see Ganondorf as being the kind of guy who would put statues of his face in his castle so I added one.
The Goron Chief by HeroofTime123
The Goron Chief
So for this scene, I wanted to use some of the Hyrule Warriors models (found here by the way) and so since I really like Darunia, I chose to use him first. In doing so, I tried to create a room for him based on his original room in Ocarina of Time. I used some of the Premium Render Effects, specifically "True Ambience," to fix the lighting and just up the quality overall. However, that resulted in a render time well over 8 hours (the exact time, I don't actually know as someone closed out the program before I could see it. At least they saved it!)

This one didn't need too much Photoshop work. All I did was fix some shadows and adjust the color and brightness.
Zelda Steampunk logo by HeroofTime123
Zelda Steampunk logo
A logo I did for a game called Guns of Icarus Online. In that game, you can submit designs to the Steam Workshop and they can get voted into the game if enough people like them. I don't really expect it to get in, aside from not getting enough votes, I also doubt that it will get in due to copyrights and such but it's there anyway. In the mean time, here is the logo I designed. It may not get in the game but I doubt there is a reason to not put it here.
A Strange, Cold Flame by HeroofTime123
A Strange, Cold Flame
Alright, so in the spirit of summer being right around the corner, here is a scene based on the coldest place in Ocarina of Time: Ice Cavern. This one took about 6.5 hours to render, mostly because of the reflections on the ice and the transparency (or at least that's my guess as to why). 

So for this scene, I took the obvious key elements from Ice Cavern, such as the blue fire and red ice... and yes, the icicles, and put them all in one room. I added the snow outside the cave and the fog in Photoshop, because I can't seem to make snow in Bryce and the fog would have most likely raised the render time way too much. Anyway, I really don't have much else to say about it.
So as I said before in my last journal which you can find here, a few friends and I made a game. As I also said, I made a lot of music for the game. I recently uploaded the music to youtube in a playlist that you can find here I would appreciate any feedback I can get the music or the game.

Thank you!


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Those are made for yearly Sandcastle exhibiton in Lappeenranta but unfortunately I don't know who made the sculptures

Link to the official site is in the description.
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